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    TOPPIK USA the newest researched hair extension fiber

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    Product Introduction


    Toppik fiber attachment wig is a small microfiber hair with a size of about 0.3 ~ 0.5 mm. It is made of keratin protein with the same structure as the hair.SO does not hurt the scalp and does not block pores.

    The electrostatic effect is tightly combined with the hair, so that the thin hair attaches numerous micro-hair powders, which can visually cause the original thin hair to become thicker and thicker. And the hair-scarce area looks like it has grown new hair immediately. Even if it is as close as 5 cm, you will not notice the difference from ordinary hair
    Easy to use. After 30 seconds of use, you can see the results.


    • When using, hair must be dry.
    • Open the jar, 7.5 to 15 cm high on your head, aim at the place you want to use, and gently shake Toppik to let the fibers slip onto your hair.

    • Then pat with your hands to help the fibers spread out and adhere.

    • Finally, comb your hair with a comb. As long as 30 seconds, you can see Toppik function.


    • Toppik is not afraid of strong wind and rain, but it can be easily removed, just wash it with ordinary shampoo. Toppik does not stick to clothes. Just one tap can shed hair falling on the clothes without staining the clothes.
    • If you have allergies or itching on your skin, discontinue use.

    • Keep away from fire and keep it dry and out of reach of children. If it falls into your eyes, wash with water

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